This series of glass boxes has been an ongoing project of mine for a good number of years. All the boxes are totally sealed. The sealed box heightens the tension one experiences when access is denied. The expression within the works is my expression of how I draw within the context of the object contained in each of the boxes. Most if not all the boxes are multi-media insofar as some of the drawings include acrylic colors, oil stick, precious leaf, bees wax, cloth and india ink. the drawings are on the reverse side of the glass.
The boxed "Environments" are exercises in composition. Some are surreal in nature and combine container forms and detritus that one might find in a glass studio. The boxes are meant to be enigmatic, that is, there is a surreal narrative implied. Some of the works are meant to conjure a locked museum case housing objects from dead cultures. Simple everyday objects locked behind glass take on a preciousness never intended for these particular objects. One is first drawn to the central object within the box but soon discovers the canvas that is the plate glass surface.

My Image
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Bowl of Tears 1
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Bowl of Tears 2
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Bowl of Tears 3
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Bowl of Tears 4
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Garden of Eden
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Garden of Eden 2
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Garden of Eden 3
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Profile Bowl
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Profile Bowl 2
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Kiddush Cups
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Memorial - Casting
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Profiled Vessel
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Profiled Vessel 2
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Sarcophagus 2
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Queen's Vessel
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Rose Petals
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First Home
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Roman Vessel
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Dolls Head
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House Suspension
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House Suspension 2
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Roman Amphora (Aluminum Box, hangs on wall)
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Found Objects
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Cut Vessel (Sold)
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Cut Vessel 2 (Sold)
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