Work for Sale

  • The works on this page are on display in my home gallery and are for sale. Actually anything you see on this site is for sale if it is still in my collection.
  • Delivery of works regionally is free.
  • Ground shipping outside the N.E. Ohio region by art carrier is borne by the buyer.
  • Pertinent information is on the slide when viewed.
  • For further information please call or email 330.931.0874 –

All dimensions are in inches (height x width)
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9/11 Series

This series was created in response to the horrific events of 9/11. The works employ a special safety glass which when shattered maintains its integrity. The work is very direct insofar as one can readily understand the metaphor.
All works in this series hang on the wall. For more information on these works
click here.
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Wall Panels

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Miscellaneous Blown Glass

These blown glass vessels are from my days blowing glass back in the 70's. They have been in my personal collection.

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