For me, the 70's was about blowing vessels and trying to master the art of glass casting. The blown work ran the gamut from organic expressionistic forms to formal decorated surfaces. The major influence on my work at that time was the German artist Erwin Eisch. I first came across Erwin's work while working with Prof. Littleton at the U. of Wisconsin. Erwin's work had an expressionistic quality that I found most appealing and, in my own way, I attempted to emulate the style through my own interpretation.
I did not, at the time, find the transparency of glass appealing. Most of my work was blown from milk glass and a black glass. The castings were an extension of the work I had been doing in clay.
During the late 60's, I had made sculptures in clay that were very political in nature and expressed my feelings about the war in Viet Nam.
In May of 1970, the Ohio National Guard shot and killed four students during anti-war demonstrations at Kent State University, the campus where I was teaching. I was present on the KSU commons that fateful day and heard the shots as they were fired. The glass casting series originally grew from my personal feelings and eventually progressed into other areas of my artistic expression.
Most, if not all my castings, were metaphorical in nature. It should be noted that, to my knowledge, there was no one doing any glass casting at the time that I began these sculptures and I had to develop the process on my own. The technology that I developed in order to realize the castings grew from my knowledge of constructing molds for bronze casting. In the mid 80's I became very aware of the castings being produced by Stanislav Libensky and Jaroslava Brychtova and was honored to work with them at Pilchuck and later in their studio in the Czech Republic.
Some of these works are still in my possession and are for sale. If you’re interested go to my contact page and send an email.

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Early Blown Vessels

Stacks Image 1673
Blown Vessel -
Milk glass, powder and rod. (Sold)
Stacks Image 1667
Blown Vessel - Milk Glass, powder (Sold)
Stacks Image 1681
Blown Vessel - silver wraps, manganese surface (Sold)
Stacks Image 1670
Blown Vessels - Milk glass, Black glass
Stacks Image 1676
Blown forms - milk glass, partially mold blown with additions
Stacks Image 1695
Steam bubble cups with wraps - milk glass
Stacks Image 1690
Steam bubble goblets - Milk glass, silver wraps (Sold)
Stacks Image 1687
Blown Vessel - Black Glass, color rod, Art Nouveau style
Stacks Image 1701
Blown form - milk glass, partially mold blown (Sold)
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Bowl - With wraps, milk glass (Sold)
Stacks Image 1684
Container form - black glass with prunts
Stacks Image 1711
Closed form - Cased glass with decorative wraps (Sold)
Stacks Image 1722
Breast goblets - low lead crystal with silver decoration (Sold)
Stacks Image 1714
Closed form - cased black glass with decorative wraps (Sold)
Stacks Image 1719
Closed form - black glass with orange wraps (sold)


Ravenna Grand Jury
Title: Ravenna Grand Jury -
Collection: Corning Museum of Glass
Stacks Image 1733
Title: Ravenna Grand Jury (2) - Media: Cast milk glass
Stacks Image 1730
Title: Five Faces -
Media: Cast milk glass
Collection: Australian National Gallery
Stacks Image 1736
Title: Dreaming -
Media: Cast milk glass
Collection: Australian National Gallery
Stacks Image 1739
Title: Lost Innocence -
Media: Cast phosphate opal glass with cast bronze shoe
Stacks Image 1742
Title: Emergence -
Media: Cast phosphate opal glass
Stacks Image 1745
Title: Ravenna Grand Jury -
Media: Cast Bronze
Collection: Imagine Museum
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