Ferro Corp., Cleveland, Ohio - Vitrolite Panels - Lobby Installation

Each panel measures 36" x 24"

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Private Home Commission
16' x 12'
Pocket door on the right hand side
Reflection makes it a bit difficult to view photograph

East 9th St. Waterfront Line, RTA, Cleveland, Ohio - Cast Panels

Waterfront Line Casting
In 1998 sculptor Brinsley Tyrrell and myself received a commission from the Cleveland Port Authority to create a cast glass divider for the East 9th St. Waterfront Line of the RTA. The wall was approximately 19 feet long by 12 feet high. The theme of the sculpture was to be the history of the City of Cleveland. Tyrrell sculpted the panels and I cast each of the panels. There are 46 panels in total. In order to realize the castings I built two large roll out ovens. It took approximately one year to complete the castings. Below are some images of the process.
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The full clay mockup
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Brinsley Tyrrell sculpting the panels
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Fabricating the plaster molds
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Brinsley inspecting the wax.
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The molds in the oven
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Covering the hot cast panels for annealing.
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A few of the cast sections.
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Henry and a few of the ladies that work at the E. 9th St. RTA station.
E. 9th St. Commission